AC/DC Hipot
HACP 50kV/5kVA Gas Insulated AC Hipot Test Equipment
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HACP 50kV/5kVA Gas Insulated AC Hipot Test Equipment

Lead time: 28 days.

Mode: HACP 50kV/5kVA Gas Insulated AC Hipot Test Equipment

The Gas-filled Test Transformer is necessary for detecting the electric equipment and conducting the preventive test. The development of the electric industry imposes higher requirements on the voltage stage of test transformer. But the traditional oil-immersed test transformer cannot meet the requirements no mater what in volume, weight or performance.
The application of new materials and technologies drives the use of new SF6 in electric sector. Thanks to good insulation performance and non-inflammability, it is widely applied as a new media. 

Light weight, no oil pollution, be no influenced by climate change. Its corona is very small and the test can be done without stewing. Long service life and good arcing performance. It is highly recommended for PD test. The product is prohibited from inverting and it is slightly possible to leak the gas. But the SF6 is non-toxic gas at low concentration.

Techinical Parameters:
Input: AC220V ± 10%
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz ± 1Hz
Output: 0-50kV, AC RMS
Working Duration: 100%Rated-1minute, 50%-continuous
Capacity: 5kVA (based on selectable)
HT Source: SF6 gas (Gas type testing transformer)
Output control: Manual control
Voltage accuracy: < 1.5% (F.S)
Current Accuracy: < 1.5% (F.S)
Timing range: 0-99H
Metering: Digital display, kV meter: Digital display, kV meter: AC 0-50kV, mA meter: AC 0-100mA
Humidity: 85% RH
Environmental temperature: -20℃~50℃
Weight Control unit: about 20kg
Dry testing transformer: about 45kg

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